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Louvec Contracting is a small family run company specializing in Asphalt paving with over 40 years in the Asphalt industry. Family is the important word here, when your work with us we treat you like family. The benefits to working with a small family business:

  • We take the time to get to know you, your job and your expectations. You are not just another number to us.

  • You can feel good about supporting local business and trades people from your own community, instead of another multi  million dollar corporation.

  • With over 40 years in the industry you can trust our attention to detail and exceptional craftsmanship.


Located in Edmonton and aiming to enrich Edmonton's already diverse landscape. The employees at Louvec are dedicated to their craft, and using it to showcase the beauty of the landscape around it and enrich peoples lives. We don't just build roads for driving on, we build networks to connect people. We don't just pave parking lots, we build safe spaces for children to play together.


We understand our projects have greater meaning then just the job, we understand that you and your loved ones want to connect in a safe and quick way. In order for us to do this we are committed to safety, not just for our employees but for everyone, including contractors, visitors and bystanders. As a COR certified company we are concussion that every decision we make can be a dangerous one, in order to mitigate this danger we have rigorous safety standards.


Louvec can accommodate commercial and residential asphalt paving, repairs, excavation, base preparation, concrete repairs and snow removal in the colder months. Our employees have a diverse knowledge in many areas of the industry and it would be our pleasure to help you see your project completed. 

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