Subgrade Preparation & Granular Base Course

At Louvec Contracting, we recognize the importance of sub-grade preparation and granular base course as the quality of these items highly affect the overall project. A pavement surface is only as strong as the base underneath, and long-lasting parking lots and roadways need to ensure the right process is followed to ensure a high-quality overall product.

Sub-Grade Prep:

The native material, or formation level, that lies beneath a constructed road or pavement is called sub-grade. This is the foundation of any civil construction project whether it is a roadway or a parking lot. Louvec Contracting has over 60 years of experience in working in Alberta and when developing sites, it is important that the subgrade is properly constructed. We will work with local geotechnical engineer’s to determine appropriate course of action or Louvec can provide recommended solutions

Services Includes:     

  • Cement Stabilization
  • Sub Grade Preparation
  • Soil Stabilization
  • Geotextile Supply and Installation

Granular Sub-Base:

The granular base preparation of your site is equally important to the sub-grade preparation and excavation. Louvec Contracting works with local suppliers to provide high quality aggregates for your project. The highly compacted granular particles in the granular base range in size from coarse aggregate to fine depending on site conditions. The overall pavement structure is strengthened and stabilised by the granular structure, which also contributes to the construction of a long-lasting overall product.